Bold armchair by Big-Game

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Swiss designers Big-Game launched an armchair that looks like a quilt-covered deckchair at the Villa Noailles design festival in France this weekend. Designed for French brand Moustache, the Bold armchair is a stylish one seater upholstered armchair. The thick proportions make this comfortable seat a part of the BOLD family and join it the fabric-covered Bold chair, which was part of Moustache’s inaugural collection when the brand launched in Milan in 2009. The upholstered structure is entirely covered with thick quilted fabric.

With offices in Switzerland and Belgium, Big Game is a great source of inspiration.  With new methods and uses of common materials, like cardboard and foam, their team has shown limitless possibilities for the modern home. “Confrontation is giving birth to progress”: they always address unexpected themes in their own collections, mixing different universes. Now, the fact that their products were edited shows how realism and attention raise to industrial processes.

“Moustache” is the name of the furniture label by Stéphane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Lorio. Moustache aims to break out of the established structures of the furniture market and open up new domestic perspectives and new horizons of combination and variation. With no trace of nostalgia it intends to reevaluate existing objects, instead of exacting artificial innovations that no-one needs. Moustache’s first collection appeared in 2009 and included tables and chairs, luminaries, storage unit systems, shelving and closets by the designers Matali Crasset, Inga Sempé, Big-Game, François Azambourg, and Ana Mir + Emili Padros and brought a breath of fresh air to the furniture market.

Stylish and ingenious wardrobe design

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Taking into consideration one of the most important aspects of home furniture, one may find picking the wardrobe as a challenging endeavor. It has to fit in the space and provide extensive storage, and preferably be visually not intrusive, even pleasing.

The large sliding doors or sliding surfaces allow easy access to everything inside the closet. If you have a whole wall to spare, then the bigger the closet, the more it blends into the space configuration like a customized wall, with elegant white doors and practically invisible handles in blonde wood casing, or perhaps sleek and glossy dark red surfaces, or translucent polycarbonate doors with integrated light.

A well-designed and organized wardrobe can make it much easier to find what you are looking for. They can also be used to store whatever you need. There are many different styles of doors to choose from including sliding closet doors, mirrored closet doors, and bi-fold doors. Modern and contemporary wardrobes have evolved over the years into more user friendly and attractive pieces of furniture. Before installing a wardrobe in your room, certain things are to be noted.

When installing a wardrobe, select one that is made from the finest materials. Any wardrobe door design you choose should be one that will make your clothes or items you store accessing very easy. Modern wardrobe designs you choose should be made of durable and low-maintenance materials.  A modern wardrobe design provides same finish on the Front and Back of the shutter, dual or multi color for shutters/doors and no chipping as the shutter is completely wrapped.

Caravan Dresser by Kalon Studios

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If уου′re thinking οf buying furniture fοr уουr children’s room dressers furniture іѕ an ехсеllеnt option. Together with a bed a dresser is a foundation for a child’s room. Stylish and functional dresser will become irreplaceable in the interior of your children’s room.

The Caravan Dresser was designed by Kalon Studios. Displaying a simple and sophisticated shape, the dresser is made from FSC-Certified domestic solid maple and birch panels. The solid wood helps the design look classy, while the design accents bring the dresser into contemporary furniture design lines. Four slightly curved wooden legs balance the straight lines of the design, creating a fun overall look. Accentuated by colorful, non-toxic paint, the dresser is available in six bright colors that will liven up any room: white, red, yellow, green, blue and black. Featuring integrated drawer pulls, the Caravan Dresser looks like a dynamic dresser that can accentuate a corner of the room without overwhelming it. Isn’t it gorgeously simple?

Caravan Dresser  stands well on its own in an older child’s bedroom or adds a sweet and modern pop of color to the nursery.

Based in Los Angeles, California and Berlin, Germany, Kalon Studios is a young design studio focused on contemporary form and innovative design. Kalon Studios is recognized as one of the most influential and innovative sustainable design companies in the world. The Studio strives to produce products that hold a lasting, intrinsic beauty. Kalon Studios design focus is as much on quality of design as it is on method and process. All of our products are non-toxic, fully sustainable, and domestically produced in the United States. Each piece is handcrafted to order by traditional furniture makers in New England.

Equilibrium bookcase by Alejandro Gomez Stubbs

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The Equilibrium is a modern bookcase that seems to be on the verge of collapsing. But that’s not going to happen despite the optical illusion that seems to indicate your books aren’t safe anymore since, despite its appearance, this bookcase can hold up to 168 pounds, which is quite impressive. The Equilibrium, designed by Alejandro Gomez Stubbs for Malagana Design, is a very interesting bookcase concept that will certainly attract attention and debate over its general aspect and function. This balancing act is a freestanding bookshelf that defies gravity and becomes a conversation piece in your home.

With its cantilevered modules stacked upon each other at a single angled position, Equilibrium is a unique furniture piece that immediately catches attention by creating a sense of amusement and surprise. Undoubtedly it’s very useful allowing to keep books and magazines organized in a natural tilted position that eliminates the need for bookends.

The Equilibrium is finished in walnut veneer, at the exterior, while the interior comes in white, celeste or graphite. But the real question is what kind of furniture items should you buy to match the general theme proposed by the Equilibrium?

MALAGANA DESIGN was founded in 2009 by Alejandro Gomez Stubbs. By combining an animate design language with high quality craftsmanship, the young design office presents furniture that intends to please the eye and the hand. Artistic furniture shape for contemporary interior design by Malagana Design creates good interior atmosphere to create cozy modern interior design for full relaxation.

Living room furniture by Hülsta

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In order to create an impression of modernization, the designs should incorporate the appropriate living room accessories that will accentuate the look of the room. The idea is to come up with contemporary designs but still patterned to your taste and personality. This modern living room bookshelf and library system comes from Germany based manufacture Hülsta Mega Design Collection. This furniture really the best adding in your living room design, fit your sloping ceilings to complete living room arrangements and room divider units.

Known for quality and is adored for style, Hülsta has a very exclusive and elite clientèle. Intelligently designed and beautifully crafted shapes are hallmarks of Hülsta.

Perusing through its wide range you can tell that each single unit in an exclusive design shows immaculate lines that reflect everlasting modishness. The glossy textures and lacquered black-brown designs create a dramatic prominence.

The compact designs uses wood color at large, thus giving a modern look and a sense of coziness to the room. Diligently crafted flat surfaces highlight the precise geometrical design. They have versatility and can be adjusted as per the size of the wall. From wall hanging to set on ground, all designs are crafted with great care, highlighting the neat Hülsta craftsmanship. The range has space for small storage, Television, artifacts, separate glass cabinets. Dining area can boast of the highly side storage to compliment the dining area. The natural oak color creates a compelling effect.

Light by Josh Urso Design

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At first glance, the Puff Light pictured above probably looks a little like something you would have hanging in the shower, right? Well, this is not a loofah! Created by Josh Urso Design, this sculptural pendant lamp is made from resin-impregnated fabric that is strategically arranged into a spherical burst.

The Puff Light is available in 24 different colors and patterns, all offering a nice rich texture. So, whether you are looking for a yellow light to go with your country cottage theme, a moss green color to compliment your spa decor or a black and white print to become a focal point in a contemporary room, there is a fabric available for you in a Puff Light!

These fresh and fun lights are environmentally-friendly, come with CFL bulbs and all the hardware that you need for hanging. Don’t let the flirtation of this piece fool you into thinking that it won’t dent your pocket book though, the Puff Light is anything from cheap! They range from $770 for a 10-inch light up to $5,280 for one that is 4-feet. Can you imagine one of these whimsical lights hanging from your ceiling that is that big? Your neighbors would have a hard time topping this one!

In addition to their line of furniture and lighting, Josh Urso Design also provides a wide array of design services. Whether it is the redesign of a living space or the design and development of a new product, Josh Urso design can provide everything from conceptual development through manufacturing and implementation. They bring an innovative and individualistic approach to the creative process balanced with an understanding of manufacturing processes.

Space concept by Rene Siebum

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Rene Siebum works to combine the way we experience the world around us with form, space and design. He attempts to bring out the emotion that design can evoke, and infuse it into refined materials. Siebum has an eye for maintaining function while exploring the edges of form, which helps him come up with unique designs like the Second Skin closet pictured above. It is both a closet and a living space, as well as an eye-catching piece of design. He bases this closest space on ancient Japanese architecture which is open and flexible, transforming a space based on its use and the mood of the participant. Based on the activity of the moment they could be transformed by using screens, curtains and furniture.

Second Skin was awarded the third prize in public vote during the Dutch Design Week. And the award is very well deserved, as this bookcase transforms into an intimate space for reading and working. For some people the study room is the second home, that is why the head. The idea of seclusion became the inspiration for a bookcase and a lamp, from which a separate space can be created from the objects itself for reading, writing and working. The aim of the space is to create an environment that embraces and allows us to focus and close off. Moving on, this bookcase is inspired by Juhani Pallasma and is made in wood washi parer and aluminum. Its ability to adapt and in providing you with a private environment in the cacophony of your daily environment sets it apart and makes it the winner.

Rene Siebum specializes in wood design in which the physical, sensorial or subconscious experience form the basis of the object or space. From within this material expertise he searches for a balanced total of concept, form and materials.

Perfect features of wooden TV stands

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When going through a variety of TV stands and entertainment centers, you will be spoilt of choice by the broad selection of such important home furniture in terms of design styles, colors, materials and sizes.  It is important that your selection when shopping for these items be well informed and conforms to your heartily desires in terms of cost, durability, size, color and above all, style.  Getting involved in the shopping process till you get carried away by a simple and pointless factor is common but should not happen when selecting an important furniture such as a TV stand.
Most people choose to get glass furniture when shopping for a TV stand but this does not mean that it is popular, wood is by far the most prominent material for TV stands and outshines glass and metal by far.  Wood carries with it a natural charm and exotic appeal in its unique way.  If you are a person who loves to purchase furniture made of wood, you are in for a treat if you settle for a wooden TV stand, not only because wood is an established furniture material but because it is the primary material for any eye catching furniture as well. A classic design of a wooden TV stand fits well with any size, type, color and style of the TV set.  You may feel that a classic TV stand looks outdated and little can be done to improve on, but have a close look at what is on offer and it would be hard to believe it is made of wood.  Generally, compatibility and rhyming of furniture in your house will be admirable and will create no contrasts or unnecessary distractions.  No other furniture material is as good in this as wood.  The good thing about a wooden TV stand is that it cuts across all styles and unique designs, they are safe and attractive when shaped properly and the visual aspects of it are clearly distinguishable.  The unique traditional old fashion of a home meets with a modernized classic design in wood.
Wood is one of the most durable materials to make TV stands.  Beside the fact that it is the most appreciated aspect of home furniture, your TV stand’s durability is complemented by its incredible sturdy and high quality material.

Lounge Furniture

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While shopping for furniture for your new home, the first item that you would like to cross off the list would be the living room furniture. True these should definitely be on the topmost in the list and it gives you immense psychological satisfaction once you have crossed the hurdle of getting the living room furniture. Now if you are one of those people who would just love to lounge in the living room, then you should look into some kind of innovatively designed furniture for this express purpose instead of the formal sofa set, coffee table or center table and side tables.

Many of us certainly do prefer to lounge in our living rooms, for after all this is the place in our homes apart from our bedrooms that allows us to sit back and relax and enjoy a tete-a-tete with the family. Maybe you would like to just sit back and relax and watch you favorite TV program or even enjoy curling up in you favorite lounge chair in the living room with a book. This means you have to choose your furniture that allows you to do just that. Formal sofa sets would serve the purpose if you entertain a lot and have many visitors, but a lazy boy, a comfortable reclining sofa or a barcalounger would be the ideal sitting furniture for your own comfort.

If your living room is large enough, you can choose a mixture of both – formal seating and seating that allows you to lounge in comfort. Most lounge furniture is ideally suited for living rooms rather than bedrooms.

Take a look at this wonderfully designed lounge furniture. This design is an award winning one which is both artistic and an ideal functional piece that is very comfortable. With its lovely flowing lines and cutting edge design, you can do a lot more than merely sit. You can recline on it comfortably or even lie down on it. With its adjustable back rests adding to the comfort quotient this is certainly one of the best picks when it comes to lounge furniture.

Space-saving home office

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If you’re low on space but need a home office, there are several ways to make it fit into your home without sacrificing style. Space is the primary issue for most home offices. Often, a home office needs to be multifunctional. Whether your home office doubles as a guestroom, craft room or even a family room, you need furniture that’s versatile and functional. Additionally, your office furniture should never make you feel cramped. Remember, the more practical and efficient your workspace, the more practical and efficient your work habits will be.
You can create a hidden home office with a few simple tricks and a bit of creativity.

For starters, the desk. This is often the largest part of a home office, which is great if you’ve got room to spare. But for those of us who need to save space, a large executive desk is a pain. So how do you fit the desk into a small home office?

You can try affixing a board with two fold out legs to your wall. Using hinges, you will be able to fold up the desk when not in use to give the appearance of more space.

Or, you can use a small student desk on wheels. This will allow you to push it against the wall when you’re not using it, and pull it out in front of a window when you need to work.

Painting your office white will also give the illusion of space. White reflects light, so light from a window or lamp will seem all the brighter and fill the room.

And instead of buying that bulky, thick shelving unit, you might want to consider affixing shelves to the wall. This way you can go floor to ceiling – increasing your storage capacity, always a good thing in a small space – and you won’t have an overly large back or side to deal with, only the shelves.