High Gloss Finished 7 Pcs Dining Set

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Prince Aha Stool Red Café Stool Replica

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This unique Prince Aha Stool Red Café Stool Replica is the creation of famous crazed inventor and design pop-star – Philippe Starck. Starck has put his particular brand of pizazz on posh New York hotels, a Eurostar train and private residence of the French president.

Look at this wonderful creatively design stool! It amazes with its simple but unusual – hourglass shape, brightness and functionality. It is a playful shape shifter as it is made of malleable materials. It can be used as a stool, side table and even as a footrest. We’re always searching for ways to make the most of the space we have. Malleable furniture like our replica Starck Aha stool, shown here in bold, vibrant red, is one way to maximize your living space. It is constructed from batch-dyed polypropylene and composed of two cones to resemble the shape of an hourglass. Our Starck inspired replica stool provides interesting visual contrasts between its smooth and ridged surfaces and the rounded and geometric form of the cones. The unexpected is always refreshing and the Prince Aha replica delights through mobility and shape. Our replica is both whimsical and practical. The Prince Aha replica is an entertaining accessory for the home or even the backyard.

Rhino Chair by Maximo Riera

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The Rhino Chair was designed by Spanish designer Maximo Riera and it is what we like to call a seating unit with a strong attitude. After all, it is not everyday designers choose to mix furniture with the mightiness of a rhino, while conserving its natural proportions. It is not the first time that Maximo Riera dazzles the mind with his designs. Rhino Chair is the part of The Animal Chair collection created by Riera. According to the designer, the project was created by using a strong inner frame along its body for stability and balance. We imagine this would be an interesting looking chair for a manager’s office. Rhino Chair can be observed live in detail at 100% design London from September 22 to 25, 2011.

The Animal Chair collection constitutes a diverse range of species, from mammals to reptiles, and even including insects. Each creation retains the animal’s natural vitality whilst being totally biological accurate in their appearance. This collection is homage to these animals and the whole animal kingdom which inhabits our planet, as an attempt to reflect and capture the beauty of nature in each living thing.

Máximo Riera has been a practicing artist for over thirty years. Whilst predominantly working in photography, painting and sculpture, he has also published a collection of poetry. Inspired by his travel and experiences through Europe and the Caribbean Islands, Máximo’s vibrant use of color and evocative attention to detail has been an inspiration which convey the meaning of his creations. His work also demonstrates a predominant influence from abstract expressionism and the Pop Art movements.

Cilindro coffee table by Denis Lacenda

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The Cilindro Coffee table by Denis Lacerda is the furniture of the future. Made out of three logs of wood, the table is for those who know the value of aesthetics in their living rooms. Carved out of beautiful, rich Brazilian Cinnamon wood, the table oozes out excellence coupled with a mark for beauty. Boasting of perfect value of money, the table has the perfect cuts and a design to die for.

Priced at a whopping $4500, the table proves it is worth every penny being charged. While each of the log pieces form the base, the option to choose amongst the supporting logs and their number is on the user. The logs can support a 3/4″ glass top which can be fixed with either two or three logs. Cut the glass size according to your desire and decorate your living room with this exquisite piece of furniture.

Each of the cylinders have been measured and cut in dimensions of 47″D X 11″H. With each log spelling out an exquisite taste, the excellence of the table is for everyone to see. Bring home the Cilindro Coffee table and experience true reality yourself. With a promise to not let down the end user, the richness of the wood and the brightness of the glass will leave everyone gasping for more and more.

Cortiça Chaise Lounge by Daniel Michalik

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Cortiça is a full-size chaise lounge with a place for head, heels, and everything in between. Since it is made of cork, a renewable material, it’s lightweight, naturally waterproof (and buoyant), and impervious to rot and mold. Cortiça can be used indoors or outdoors. The balanced form, along with the pliability of the material allows the user to rock gently from side to side or on her back with a great degree of stability. The result is a sensation of floating, weightless yet totally supported With proper care, Cortiça will provide comfortable and attractive seating for a lifetime.

Cortiça is the current product of this research, and it is the flagship of my latest line of cork furniture. At over 72 inches long, it is a full-size chaise longue with a place for head, heels, and everything in between. The natural flexibility of cork allows it to form fantastic, complex shapes no other material can match. Because cork is 100% waterproof and impervious to rot and mold growth, this piece functions as well outdoors as it does in.

The designer’s work focuses on researching and expanding the uses of underutilized, unconventional material. Investigation of new materials can only lead to innovative methods of production and new ways of interacting with our environment. Her recent work taps the rich potential of cork, an engaging, environmentally responsible material which is completely sustainable, recyclable, and plentiful. With this new work the designer has tried to explore the deep potential of this wonderfully tactile material, making it do things that only it can do.


Lomi & Lou Tables by Missioni Home

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Feminine, modern and cool, these beautiful Lomi & Lou Blossoming Tables can easily become the focal point of a room. Designed to capture the versatility of flower design in the furniture world, the tables are an alternative to classy contemporary tables.

The Lomi Table by Missoni Home displays a huge flower design perfect for both indoors and outdoors. Available in two sizes, the Lomi Table features painted galvanized steel base and leg with exterior quality matte laminate on top. The Lou Table Set imitates a flower bouquet, sliding under each other to create a modern arrangement that can be used anywhere in your home – together or separate. Tables are available in two sizes – one standard table height and the other at bar height for either standing or use with a bar stool. The same materials were used in constructing this table set with a small difference: the Lou Table Set has a gloss laminate on top. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use, these flower tables can be successfully used on a porch or terrace. Aren’t they pretty?

Missoni home was created as a project to completely furnish the home and it consists of a huge range of elements, from fabrics – the starting point – to furnishings. The collection was designed by Rosita Missoni and stands out for its sunny personality and creative spirit, in which a sense of warmth is interwoven with manufacturing skill. The inspirations and emotions of fashion also color Rosita Missoni’s ideas of home design.

Sustainable furniture from JH2 OneTreeHome

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If you are looking for gorgeous and sustainable dining room furniture, you should check out JH2 OneTreeHome. They have an astounding collection of tables for any modern home. Using only Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified wood, John Houshmand and Jack Donenfeld started creating an amazing array of furniture. They used the opportunity to show how gorgeous a simple dining table can be.

The tables are part of the new collection, named after a project for a Nicaraguan community. The One Tree Project teaches the Nicaraguan people to be economically self-sufficient by using sustainable woodworking from only one tree. The furniture collection includes beds, benches, coffee and side tables, consoles, dining tables and desks, all made from beautiful, sustainably-sourced Nicaraguan tropical hardwoods. Some of the pieces include glass, blackened and polished steel.

JH2 OneTreeHome produce sustainable furniture that not only looks great, but it also adds character to any room. They are committed to making a difference in the way we use our resources. JH2.onetreehome’s mission is to offer unique and compelling designs and to ensure that its products and their manufacturing conform to the highest and best standards of social and environmental responsibility.

For ten years, John Houshmand has handcrafted the basic elements of wood, glass and steel to combine art and function in limited edition and custom made urban organic furniture.


Bold armchair by Big-Game

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Swiss designers Big-Game launched an armchair that looks like a quilt-covered deckchair at the Villa Noailles design festival in France this weekend. Designed for French brand Moustache, the Bold armchair is a stylish one seater upholstered armchair. The thick proportions make this comfortable seat a part of the BOLD family and join it the fabric-covered Bold chair, which was part of Moustache’s inaugural collection when the brand launched in Milan in 2009. The upholstered structure is entirely covered with thick quilted fabric.

With offices in Switzerland and Belgium, Big Game is a great source of inspiration.  With new methods and uses of common materials, like cardboard and foam, their team has shown limitless possibilities for the modern home. “Confrontation is giving birth to progress”: they always address unexpected themes in their own collections, mixing different universes. Now, the fact that their products were edited shows how realism and attention raise to industrial processes.

“Moustache” is the name of the furniture label by Stéphane Arriubergé and Massimiliano Lorio. Moustache aims to break out of the established structures of the furniture market and open up new domestic perspectives and new horizons of combination and variation. With no trace of nostalgia it intends to reevaluate existing objects, instead of exacting artificial innovations that no-one needs. Moustache’s first collection appeared in 2009 and included tables and chairs, luminaries, storage unit systems, shelving and closets by the designers Matali Crasset, Inga Sempé, Big-Game, François Azambourg, and Ana Mir + Emili Padros and brought a breath of fresh air to the furniture market.

Caravan Dresser by Kalon Studios

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If уου′re thinking οf buying furniture fοr уουr children’s room dressers furniture іѕ an ехсеllеnt option. Together with a bed a dresser is a foundation for a child’s room. Stylish and functional dresser will become irreplaceable in the interior of your children’s room.

The Caravan Dresser was designed by Kalon Studios. Displaying a simple and sophisticated shape, the dresser is made from FSC-Certified domestic solid maple and birch panels. The solid wood helps the design look classy, while the design accents bring the dresser into contemporary furniture design lines. Four slightly curved wooden legs balance the straight lines of the design, creating a fun overall look. Accentuated by colorful, non-toxic paint, the dresser is available in six bright colors that will liven up any room: white, red, yellow, green, blue and black. Featuring integrated drawer pulls, the Caravan Dresser looks like a dynamic dresser that can accentuate a corner of the room without overwhelming it. Isn’t it gorgeously simple?

Caravan Dresser  stands well on its own in an older child’s bedroom or adds a sweet and modern pop of color to the nursery.

Based in Los Angeles, California and Berlin, Germany, Kalon Studios is a young design studio focused on contemporary form and innovative design. Kalon Studios is recognized as one of the most influential and innovative sustainable design companies in the world. The Studio strives to produce products that hold a lasting, intrinsic beauty. Kalon Studios design focus is as much on quality of design as it is on method and process. All of our products are non-toxic, fully sustainable, and domestically produced in the United States. Each piece is handcrafted to order by traditional furniture makers in New England.

Equilibrium bookcase by Alejandro Gomez Stubbs

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The Equilibrium is a modern bookcase that seems to be on the verge of collapsing. But that’s not going to happen despite the optical illusion that seems to indicate your books aren’t safe anymore since, despite its appearance, this bookcase can hold up to 168 pounds, which is quite impressive. The Equilibrium, designed by Alejandro Gomez Stubbs for Malagana Design, is a very interesting bookcase concept that will certainly attract attention and debate over its general aspect and function. This balancing act is a freestanding bookshelf that defies gravity and becomes a conversation piece in your home.

With its cantilevered modules stacked upon each other at a single angled position, Equilibrium is a unique furniture piece that immediately catches attention by creating a sense of amusement and surprise. Undoubtedly it’s very useful allowing to keep books and magazines organized in a natural tilted position that eliminates the need for bookends.

The Equilibrium is finished in walnut veneer, at the exterior, while the interior comes in white, celeste or graphite. But the real question is what kind of furniture items should you buy to match the general theme proposed by the Equilibrium?

MALAGANA DESIGN was founded in 2009 by Alejandro Gomez Stubbs. By combining an animate design language with high quality craftsmanship, the young design office presents furniture that intends to please the eye and the hand. Artistic furniture shape for contemporary interior design by Malagana Design creates good interior atmosphere to create cozy modern interior design for full relaxation.