Good armchair for real connoisseurs

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When people talk about soft furniture they unanimously remember the sofa. Armchairs are considered to be something like supplement. This mistake is done only by those who was not lucky to have really comfortable, luxuriate and individual armchair. But good armchair is the self-sufficient element of interior and favorite element of furniture for all members of the family.

Good armchair distinguishes with highest level of quality, exclusive decoration and maximal comfort. Choosing the armchair you should first determine the room where it will be located. The independently staying armchair for personal rest of masters is usually the most volume models. Couple armchairs located near the sofa intended for bedroom or having guests in the cabinet are of middle size, the armchairs for local zones in the living room, for hall or rest rooms are usually small with open legs.

The upholstery of good armchair is determined with style. The most elegant kinds of upholstery are silk, tapestry, velour and leather.

All characteristics of armchair in the end influence on the level of its comfort. The optimal variant is the soft elastic sitting and harder back. The tall people will like the deep armchairs. If you have a sofa in the room it is good when armchairs suit it by style or type and color of upholstery.

The special luxury is armchair-recliner which allows changing the lean of back and has the stand for feet. The model can have different types of control, from mechanic till sensor and there are ones which remembers your favorite position.

Transparent freedom

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Transparent walls, mobile partitions, furniture and accessories create the feeling of lightness, space and freedom.

The wall of transparent glass-blocks is a wonderful decision for small placements. Glass blocks visually enlarge and move aside the borders of space filling the room with soft light. In the narrow corridor or in the kitchen it is breathed freer owing to such wall. In the big rooms colorful transparent or dead glass-blocks can play the opposite role – to divide the space. It is especially comfortable if hall and living room are united. Small decorative “windows” of blocks suits wonderfully for putting accents, for example marking the working place.

Owing to the numerous variety of glass the accessories of this material supplement the interior of any style. Several absolutely different by form and color glass vases will become the dominant element of inner décor.

In producing of furniture glass is one of the most popular materials. Glass elements often presence in the dining, coffee and serving tables, sliding-doors wardrobes, shelves for books. The glass-cases would turn to common cupboard or sideboard without glass. The advantage of these elements is that they look great both in small and big placements. Besides that the glass furniture is not so fragile. For example the table-tops are resistant against hits.

Interesting interior idea – the wood table with glass table-top divided into sections can become the wonderful scene for any your collection which will appear in the most favorable light.

Kitchen sofas

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Kitchen furniture should be beautiful, practical and functional. The special place in interior of kitchen the correctly chosen furniture takes. Exactly in the kitchen we spend the most part of our time: we cook food, have guests and friends. Therefore the interior of the kitchen should be comfortable and cozy.

Nowadays there are various models of kitchen furniture. The kitchen corner sofa is in the most demand of consumers. Its main advantage is that it is placed along the wall and allows economizing space.

Kitchen corner sofa correspond combined construction which consists of several elements one of which is a corner section. The form of corner sofa can be various: with equal or different sides, U-shaped or some other form. The most original models can be equipped with built-in cases and the corner section of sofa can correspond the small coffee table or built-in bar.

Now there are various kinds of transformation of kitchen corner sofas: folding, roll-out, moved forward. Such models of kitchen furniture combine functionality and comfort. In the folded condition the sofa takes very few place but in unfolded – turns into comfortable place for sleeping.

Frames for kitchen sofas are made of natural wood. As upholstery textile or natural leather is used. Furniture of natural leather looks beautifully and noble. For more reliability and durability of construction the spring blocks can also present in sofas. In different places of sofa the headrests and armrests are situated.

Bar stools – refined novelty

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Before deciding to buy bar stools you should determine if there is some sense in it. Bar stool should stand at the bar: it is high and you can not put it at other table. Moreover the bar has already become the habitual element in many interiors. However you should choose the bar stools correctly: material, style and construction of the stool.

In the base of any stool there obligatory will be a metal frame. Besides metal the bar stool can be made of wood. But often the wood is finished to look like marble, metal or plastic. In furnishing of bar stools plastic, glass and leather are often used. They present in furnishing of the back, armrests and in construction of sitting. Bar stools can be hard or soft – both variants are wide-spread.

Styles of bar stools will be suitable for any interior. Models of any colors, forms and sizes will look appropriate. Only try not to “merge” into other elements of interior. This is not only furniture but also very bright accessory which has the great designer potential.

Any comfortable bar stool should have the stand for feet. It is more important than the back. It will help to keep the convenient position while sitting without feeling the ground with the legs. Convenience is the most important quality of the bar stool – the more comfortable the person feels the longer time he will spend at the bar.

Interesting and comfortable decision is a bar stool – transformer. It can be regulated in height and that means that any member of the family and guest feels comfortable.

Rugs and carpets – walking on the cloud

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Every thing in house besides fulfilling its immediate functions should play the role of decorative elements. That concerns the carpets and rugs most of all. Smooth or with downy piles, bright or colored in light shades the rug will create coziness in every house and become its best decoration.

Dividing rugs by the origin and traditions of production we have Eastern and Western carpets. Eastern ones are traditionally weaved by hand and the Western ones are usually produced with the machine way. If the Eastern carpets are made exceptionally of wool, silk and sometimes cotton then the materials for Western rugs can be any. Eastern rugs distinguish with the wonderful drawing which consists of complicated lines or colors and pattern – geometric or vegetable. Western carpets can look very different. Eastern carpets are more traditional, firmer and handmade of natural materials but they are quite expensive. Western rugs are cheaper and they are easily to take care of.

Choosing the size of the rug do not forget about the simple rules. The big carpet covering the floor of the whole room is possible but hidden under the furniture parts of the rug will break the drawing composition and become the places for keeping dust. So it is better to put the rug that we still have 30 cm of floor till the walls. If you intend to create the feeling of coziness place the small bright rugs about the whole room – they will become the attractive spots and cost cheaper. In the bedroom the ideal variant is the carpet in front of the bed. Carpet runner suits ideally for long narrow corridor. The rug is undoubtedly necessary thing in the bathroom but make sure that it has watertight base.

The rug is able to create the unique atmosphere in your house very refinedly and unobtrusively. It is pleasant for look and touch. Besides that the rug serves as a sign of your social status and unique taste.

Padded stools

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It is quite easy to choose the good padded stool. But only in the case when you understand why you need it. Exactly the purpose of the padded stool dictates the material and form of the model.

Padded stool for sitting has the same height as armchair and the bigger area. Some models can be as long as a bench. Giant padded stool for several persons are bought not only for home but also for waiting zones in the offices and fitting room in the shop.

Padded stools further to the sofas or armchairs are not suitable for sitting because of their small height. The smallest models serve exceptionally as the stand for legs. Another widespread variant is the “duet” with bed (such models are called banquettes or recamue). One more variant is the padded stool in the set with low table when it is moved under it. The untraditional pairs are also possible, for example padded stool plus screen for change of clothes.

There is a separate category of padded stools which can be transformed into something more. Ones can turn into the bed, others – into the full-fledged armchair. Under the soft covering of padded stool there is a space for vacuum cleaner of exercise bicycle, for example. Original decision for public places – padded stool + lamp and padded stool.

Padded stools can be not only soft but also absolutely hard. In this case the padded stool can serve as a coffee table of the analogical form and size. This way the padded stools differ only with the role they play in interior: on the first one the legs are put, on the second – magazines, news papers, cup of coffee.

The materials of “soft” padded stools are the same as for sofas: textile, leather and foamed polyurethane. Hard padded stools are often made of rattan, wood, or bark of cork tree. As a result of such experiments with materials the real art-objects are born. One such padded stool is enough to revive interior, bring atmosphere, mood and intrigue.

Padded stool is a full-fledged representative of class of soft furniture. The designer padded stool is more decorative (and more affordable) element of furniture than armchair or sofa. It can revive or even radically change the existing interior. It is just necessary to find “your own” form of padded stool.

Furniture for wine lovers

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Wine is considered to be a real masterpiece and many devices for its keeping were created to prolong its time, keep its vital power, unique taste and aroma. For keeping vine different placements are used where it is possible to create the necessary microclimate. Today for keeping bottles of vine we use vine refrigerators-cupboards.

Wine refrigerators can differ from the common ones not only with appearance but also with the cooling system. Besides it the vine cupboards are equipped with the system of keeping humidity. Another important problem is the protection of undesirable smells for which the coal filters inside the cupboards are used.

The cost of vine cupboards depends on the capacity and on the used cooling system.

One of the main requirements made to the vine refrigerators is the absolute absence of vibration while operating. As for working temperatures for vine cupboards they are higher than for the common refrigerators. Vine is kept in the temperature about 10-15°С. So there is no freezing chamber in the vine cupboards.

By the inner temperature the models divide into one-zone or mono-temperature (when the temperature is the same in all inner space of cupboard), two-, three- and multi-zoned (multi-temperature).

By the appearance the vine cupboards differ from each other with the capacity, construction of shelves and design. By the volume the vine refrigerators can be different – from small ones for 18-20 bottles till the giants for 500-700 ones. Shelves are usually made of firm wood or have the lattice construction, or made solid with the hollows for bottles to exclude their rolling. The bottles are placed horizontally or with the incline of 45° (so called presentational shelf which is situated higher than others).

Construction of shelves is very important moment because the comfort of operating of vine cupboard depends on this. Shelves should roll out easily that they could be cleaned or turned. It is good when the shelves can be shifted by height.

Vine cupboards can stand separately or be built-in. The doors of vine cupboards can be absolutely lightproof or equipped with special double-glazing unit containing the list of quartz glass. The glass allows seeing the vines in all their beauty so such cupboards are usually placed in living rooms, cabinets, dining rooms. The walls of vine cupboards are heat- and soundproof.

Keeping all these uneasy rules while choosing the appropriate vine cupboard you will be rewarded with the possibility to have the wonderful collection of vine kept in compliance with all traditions.

Furniture for notebook

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Big bulky computers loose their popularity with every year. They take much place. It is impossible to move them easily what makes them immobile in the modern dynamic life. Preferring free working schedule many people can move about the city or do their work at home using notebooks and special tables for them.

Special kind of furniture for the notebooks was created long ago. Accurate tables distinguish with their small sizes. The most widespread models already recommended themselves on the market of the tables for portative computers.

The simplest furniture for notebook is the coffee table only in miniature with the table top which changes the level of slope. The furniture is made of firm wood. In the table top there is a hollow for correct position of cable. The legs of the table can be folded easily. In this case the furniture turns into small flat board which can be taken with you anywhere and moved easily. In some tables for notebook there is a place for a cup or a bottle. It can be put on the sofa. It is easy to use in by the way if you do not drive.

The furniture for notebooks can be not only wooden. There are models of aluminum, plastic. They are assigned for placing on the smooth surface and not only. The tables allow regulating the level of slope and position of table top. Some tables for notebook are supplemented with the niche for printer and shelves for stereo system.

Everything is computerized now and people spend much time at the computer without changing their pose. The body gets much tired and there is a negative impact on the spine. Choosing the table for notebook it is necessary to pay attention on the material which it is made of and on its comfort. As for design it can be very different. However the functionality of the table should be in priority. Comfort during the work is more important than appearance.

Stop doors

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Summer, heat, draughts…

Banging doors in the house are in the order of things…or not? Of course not!

The considerable host will not tolerate the banging doors even if there is a draught in the house. His door will obligatory has the special article – the “stop door”.

The stoop doors are usually very small; they avoid the complete opening of doors that the door handle would not hit the wall making dents or protect other elements of furniture from scars and hits.

The stop doors fixes mainly on the floor or base by the instrument of small screw, and of course they can be set into the walls. It has sense for example when you cannot damage the floor, you have the floor with heating or laminate or parquet is laid.

However there is the possibility to glue the stop door to the wall is the alternative to the twisting of screws or the wedges for doors. But they are not quite expedient because the door can be damaged because of constant hits of it.

There are countless variants, colors, forms and materials of stop doors and limits that everyone could find and choose the appropriate one for his individual taste and common design of the placement.