Stylish and ingenious wardrobe design

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Taking into consideration one of the most important aspects of home furniture, one may find picking the wardrobe as a challenging endeavor. It has to fit in the space and provide extensive storage, and preferably be visually not intrusive, even pleasing.

The large sliding doors or sliding surfaces allow easy access to everything inside the closet. If you have a whole wall to spare, then the bigger the closet, the more it blends into the space configuration like a customized wall, with elegant white doors and practically invisible handles in blonde wood casing, or perhaps sleek and glossy dark red surfaces, or translucent polycarbonate doors with integrated light.

A well-designed and organized wardrobe can make it much easier to find what you are looking for. They can also be used to store whatever you need. There are many different styles of doors to choose from including sliding closet doors, mirrored closet doors, and bi-fold doors. Modern and contemporary wardrobes have evolved over the years into more user friendly and attractive pieces of furniture. Before installing a wardrobe in your room, certain things are to be noted.

When installing a wardrobe, select one that is made from the finest materials. Any wardrobe door design you choose should be one that will make your clothes or items you store accessing very easy. Modern wardrobe designs you choose should be made of durable and low-maintenance materials.  A modern wardrobe design provides same finish on the Front and Back of the shutter, dual or multi color for shutters/doors and no chipping as the shutter is completely wrapped.

Space-saving home office

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If you’re low on space but need a home office, there are several ways to make it fit into your home without sacrificing style. Space is the primary issue for most home offices. Often, a home office needs to be multifunctional. Whether your home office doubles as a guestroom, craft room or even a family room, you need furniture that’s versatile and functional. Additionally, your office furniture should never make you feel cramped. Remember, the more practical and efficient your workspace, the more practical and efficient your work habits will be.
You can create a hidden home office with a few simple tricks and a bit of creativity.

For starters, the desk. This is often the largest part of a home office, which is great if you’ve got room to spare. But for those of us who need to save space, a large executive desk is a pain. So how do you fit the desk into a small home office?

You can try affixing a board with two fold out legs to your wall. Using hinges, you will be able to fold up the desk when not in use to give the appearance of more space.

Or, you can use a small student desk on wheels. This will allow you to push it against the wall when you’re not using it, and pull it out in front of a window when you need to work.

Painting your office white will also give the illusion of space. White reflects light, so light from a window or lamp will seem all the brighter and fill the room.

And instead of buying that bulky, thick shelving unit, you might want to consider affixing shelves to the wall. This way you can go floor to ceiling – increasing your storage capacity, always a good thing in a small space – and you won’t have an overly large back or side to deal with, only the shelves.

What to do with a long hallway?

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It is surprising how many homes are exquisitely decorated with exceptional decor yet their hallways fall short. Why do hallways, especially long ones, seem to be such an afterthought or completely neglected? According to Taoist beliefs that are reflected in Feng Shui, chi (energy) travels through your home. However, if a long dark and dreary hallway is uninviting, it may not make the journey to enter into the other rooms of your home. Hallways need to be welcoming and as thoughtfully decorated as the rest of your house is.


If your hallway is closed off and dark, lighting is crucial. This doesn’t necessarily have to rely on overhead lighting either. A small decorative lamp on a table or shelf or a motion light is a wonderful addition as well.


To help positive energy flow down your hallway to the next room, mirrors or other reflective objects are essential. Not to mention, they make visitors feel a little more comfortable as they pass through as well.


A lovely leafy plant at the end of the hallway will draw energy in that direction. Just be sure to move it into the sun sometimes throughout the day as needed. Plants have a way of breathing new life into a room so use them wherever you can!


In a long narrow hallway, providing visual interest wherever possible helps give guests the sense that their journey is shorter than it actually is. Many homeowners focus on the walls as the main place to add color, pattern and artwork, but do not overlook your hallway’s floor. In particular, it is an ideal place to create visual interest without adding too much bulk to a long, narrow hallway.

Making a studio apartment modern

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Just because you have a small space does not mean that you cannot create a completely modern home that you are proud to show off. Sometimes, having a smaller area to work with is actually easier to decorate because you don’t have to be worried about the design of one room flowing to the next!

Welcome the Sun – Natural lighting will amplify the size of your room. Heavy curtains should be avoided at all costs in small spaces.

Flexible Furniture – While you want to be able to entertain your guests at a full-size table, this will only take up a lot of space when not in use. Using a drop leaf table is the perfect solution. Also, don’t underestimate seating cubes or footstools that provide a modern appeal and can double as a coffee table or an extra chair when needed.

Shelving – Small spaces can really benefit from shelving, not just for aesthetic purposes but for storage as well. Use decorative boxes that accent your decor to hide things you have no room for.

Minimal Furniture – That overstuffed sectional may look fantastic on the showroom floor but it will dwarf your room size. Keep furniture minimal with nice clean lines.

Don’t Forget Rugs – For whatever reason, many people feel that need a large space to lay down rugs. This is not true! You can even lay contrasting rugs over one another to give your studio apartment an ultra chic look that will leave your guests wondering if you hired a professional to design your interior.

Whether this is your first apartment or if you are simply downsizing, get comfortable in your space! You will find you may love the smaller area more than you ever imagined with the right accents.

Choosing the right kitchen island

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During new construction or a remodel, the kitchen is one room that can greatly benefit from the latest products and features. Energy-efficient appliances, sleek new cabinets that automatically close, and a kitchen island are a few of the most desired features. Adding an island to your kitchen is the most effective way to give the space a facelift without actually performing surgery on the entire room. Not only are they aesthetically-pleasing, they are actually meant to make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable and productive. Choosing the right placement, shape and style will ensure that you get the most use out of your kitchen island.

Size – The island should be appropriately scaled to the size of the kitchen. One that is too big will result in an area that’s just too crammed but a tiny island in an enormous room will appear misplaced.

Placement – You should be able to move around your island and flow from the stations in the room that you use the most. If you’re using your island to prep dinner, there should be a clear path to the stove.

Storage – Do you need extra storage? If so then your kitchen island should have cupboards and drawers to make use of this valuable space.

Seating – Have a large family or do a lot of entertaining? Choose an island that will be comfortable to set tall seating around for additional place settings.

Islands are really just an extension of your personality. Choose one that fits your needs and that will compliment your space and you may find yourself spending a lot more time in the kitchen!

Coaster Fine Furniture

Posted on 11th February by admin with Comments Off offers a great variety of furniture from different manufactures, but there is one which stands out among others – Coaster Furniture. The production of Coaster Fine Furniture is durable, beautiful and will compliment any of your room decor; the company produces the furniture for dining room, bedroom, living room, bar, kids and entertainment furniture.

This furniture collection is the collection of amazing designs and styles that are ideal for today’s both ultra modern and traditional style homes. The furniture from Coaster combines a chic appeal with great functionality that will bring to your home comfort, additional storage space, fashion and style. The clean strict lines, outstanding design, unusual shapes and forms will work together to create a very functional, yet remarkably sophisticated style that you will enjoy for many years. All pieces in the furniture collection are constructed from top quality material are built for a long lasting performance. Dining, bedroom, living room and bar sets are moreover available in a variety of nice popular finishes and delicate tones. You can also create a number of unique furniture configurations by bringing items from different Coaster Furniture collections to achieve a spectacular and delightful layout. Bring a great appeal to your home decor with the versatile and smart designs of Coaster Fine Furniture.

Some Tips for decorating your house in White

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Some people like to decorate their homes in dark shades; other prefer bright colors, bright colors bring with them good mood and a piece of rainbow. And there is one more group of people who like to add white and other delicate tones to the interior: they adore white walls, white walls, rugs, TV stands and coffee tables. Everything is in white!

People adore white color because it brings feeling of cleanliness, but sometimes if overused it can bring the atmosphere of tension. Moreover, if you have children who love painting (it does not matter whether on paper or on the walls) you can simply paint all walls in white rather than in colors.

But, if you have already decided to arrange the whole room in white, you should consider some points in advance so that your room would not turn into a disinfected hospital room. Here they are:

-  Do not overuse white color: combine it with other colors, for example different shades of brown and black: it will create warm and atmosphere of elegance in your room.

–  Use different material. If the material of your nightstand, dresser and bed is the same, the overall picture will be dull and uninteresting. Combining various materials makes perfect impression.

–  Bring life to your room by adding natural plants. Another way out is to bring some beautiful flowers, like roses.

These are just some aspects of helping you to avoid minor problems while decorating your room in white.

Wonderful world of Alpine chalet

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Among numerous variants of national country styles one invariably calls romantic associations. This is “chalet” – style of traditional house in foothills of the Alps. Its original construction and expressive interior became the scene for inspiration while creating many modern resorts in mountain areas of Europe.

In spite of the fact that chalet style is the tribute of ancient tradition nowadays while building and restoration of placements the newest achievements of technologies are used. Country interiors often include modern elements of furniture and decoration but very careful for not to spoil the original style of chalet.

The main feature of chalet interior is using of natural materials – wood and stone which create in the house the atmosphere of coziness. The important element is the fireplace which not only warms the house but also serves as the central detail of organization of space in the living room.

Furniture in chalet should be simple, wooden and with the marks of time. For chalet big comfortable soft sofas and armchairs are suitable. Carpets (both on the floor and walls), tapestries, hunting attributes, old things and pictures and different thing created by craftsmen look wonderful in such interior.

Style chalet is distinguished with simple décor and calm colors. For sure kitchen decorated this way will become the favorite place in the house. Use the unpainted wood for facades of kitchen cupboards and cover the table with the tablecloths of linen. And the cozy place in chalet style is ready to please you!

Choosing children beds

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Bed for the child can be purchased both separately and in the set of furniture for children room. Traditionally there are two types of children beds: bed for the new-born and bed for children of preschool and school ages. The teenagers got the adult bed.

Beds for the smallest children have the high backs and safe side panels made of laths and slats. Children bed should be aired well and be made of ecologically clean materials: frame – of solid wood and veneer or high-qualitative wooden panels, mattress – with natural filling and covering of wool or cotton.

In the modern conception the bed is the construction where the sleeping place is situated on the upper level and its lower part is the working table connected with the small cupboard.

The bunk beds are also in fashion; moreover sometimes they are purchased by the families with even one child. The free level becomes the place for children games. The main function of parents is to take care about the safeness of the child. The upper level should obligatory have the high welts and the stairs to the second floor – railings.

Transforming furniture is very comfortable and functional. Sofa-transformer can turn into bunk bed and bed for baby – into teenager bed. Often the folding sofas are purchased to the children room. This is also some kind of transformer because while the child grows the sleeping place can be lengthened.

But the most wide-spread sleeping place for children remains the common bed – the half of adult double bed which can be situated both separately from other furniture and “inside” it.

Home aquariums

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Recently the designers consider the aquariums as full-fledged component of home interiors. Besides the fact that aquarium is original way of spending free time, pleasant hobby it also becomes the decoration of modern placements – both apartment, office or trade center.

The home aquarium can be of various forms any of which has its merits and demerits.

Floor aquarium is most wide-spread because of relative simplicity of construction and convenience of caring. It includes vessel of transparent material for water, stand and cover-lighting.

Built-in aquarium can be the part of niche or partition between rooms therefore it is not deep but can have an impressive length. Such object looks neatly from both placements and often fulfills the function of night-lamp.

Aquarium-diorama is a kind of aquarium which forward wall is arched with small radius of curvature. As a result the viewer has a feeling of “deepening” into underwater world – good visual effect.

Hanging aquarium allows economizing place but is limited with its mass and sizes. Its variety is aquarium-“picture” which is very popular recently.

Aquarium-pool is not so effective and mobile. But you can build a fountain in it.

Aquarium should blend harmonically with the interior of placement. The variety of forms of aquariums – glass cases, columns, corner, and etageres – gives the wide designer possibilities. Different models intended for classic and minimalist interiors, for living room, children room or office.