Hillside – fireplace, coffee table and armchair

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During the last but so freeze February evenings as never before you would like to sit in the comfortable chair in front of the fireplace wrapping yourself in rug. The British company-producer Flying Cavalries offers to feel warmth and soul comfort using for this new folding model Hillside joining fireplace, comfortable ergonomic sitting, coffee table and stylish modern design.

This flexible creative idea will make your life more pleasant and will help to economize the space. In the folded condition Hillside is possible to use as a simple and stylish coffee table at which it is pleasant to drink a couple of cups of strong hot tea with friends and in unfolded condition its compact parts will form the cozy place for rest, reading and even meditation…

The source of inspiration for the authors of the fireplace became picturesque hill slopes on one of which the owner of Hillside is offered to feel far from stresses of everyday life enjoying comfort, watching at the dancing fire and beauty of warm natural materials: natural stone, oak and glass.

Like all the fireplaces working with bio-ethanol Hillside is ecological, simple and safe in usage and can be placed at any corner of house or apartment not requiring special conditions and limits.

Flying Cavalries put the experience and unceasing enthusiasm of its command into the new projects of designing and producing unique pieces of furniture and fireplaces. Their main aim has always been to create extraordinary items and they embrace and use cutting edge technologies in their design process.

Coaster Fine Furniture

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Theurostyle.com offers a great variety of furniture from different manufactures, but there is one which stands out among others – Coaster Furniture. The production of Coaster Fine Furniture is durable, beautiful and will compliment any of your room decor; the company produces the furniture for dining room, bedroom, living room, bar, kids and entertainment furniture.

This furniture collection is the collection of amazing designs and styles that are ideal for today’s both ultra modern and traditional style homes. The furniture from Coaster combines a chic appeal with great functionality that will bring to your home comfort, additional storage space, fashion and style. The clean strict lines, outstanding design, unusual shapes and forms will work together to create a very functional, yet remarkably sophisticated style that you will enjoy for many years. All pieces in the furniture collection are constructed from top quality material are built for a long lasting performance. Dining, bedroom, living room and bar sets are moreover available in a variety of nice popular finishes and delicate tones. You can also create a number of unique furniture configurations by bringing items from different Coaster Furniture collections to achieve a spectacular and delightful layout. Bring a great appeal to your home decor with the versatile and smart designs of Coaster Fine Furniture.

Some Tips for decorating your house in White

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Some people like to decorate their homes in dark shades; other prefer bright colors, bright colors bring with them good mood and a piece of rainbow. And there is one more group of people who like to add white and other delicate tones to the interior: they adore white walls, white walls, rugs, TV stands and coffee tables. Everything is in white!

People adore white color because it brings feeling of cleanliness, but sometimes if overused it can bring the atmosphere of tension. Moreover, if you have children who love painting (it does not matter whether on paper or on the walls) you can simply paint all walls in white rather than in colors.

But, if you have already decided to arrange the whole room in white, you should consider some points in advance so that your room would not turn into a disinfected hospital room. Here they are:

-  Do not overuse white color: combine it with other colors, for example different shades of brown and black: it will create warm and atmosphere of elegance in your room.

–  Use different material. If the material of your nightstand, dresser and bed is the same, the overall picture will be dull and uninteresting. Combining various materials makes perfect impression.

–  Bring life to your room by adding natural plants. Another way out is to bring some beautiful flowers, like roses.

These are just some aspects of helping you to avoid minor problems while decorating your room in white.

Uncommon hangers City Coat rack

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Of course every person who has to travel a lot keeps certain remembering about every city he visited and as a result every trip is associated with something concrete for him. For example in Japan he can remember uncommon fast-food, in the USA – very dirty underground stations, in France – big queue in Luvre, and in London – rain and smog. For those who associate travels with wonderful shopping the uncommon hangers for outer clothing were created which were called City Coat rack.

The new City Coat rack by radius design is a daily homage to your favorite metropolis, whether it is right on your doorstep or far away. Accurately laser-etched arrangements of landmarks and architecture – for sophisticated flair in your hallway.

The authors of the project, designers from studio Radius Design, produced the collection of interesting racks which look like the simple landscapes of such big megapolises as Köln, Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Dortmund, Munich, Stuttgart, New-York, London and Paris.

Every rack is equipped with 19 hooks and fulfilled exceptionally in black color. The cost of every “landscape” is 69 Euro and it is possible to purchase the view of favorite city on the site of company Radius Design.

To do with a lot less, but of a better quality – this is the philosophy behind Radius Design’s range of indoor and outdoor products. More functional, original and attractive than what is already available: This is the aim of Radius Design.

Rugs and carpets – walking on the cloud

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Every thing in house besides fulfilling its immediate functions should play the role of decorative elements. That concerns the carpets and rugs most of all. Smooth or with downy piles, bright or colored in light shades the rug will create coziness in every house and become its best decoration.

Dividing rugs by the origin and traditions of production we have Eastern and Western carpets. Eastern ones are traditionally weaved by hand and the Western ones are usually produced with the machine way. If the Eastern carpets are made exceptionally of wool, silk and sometimes cotton then the materials for Western rugs can be any. Eastern rugs distinguish with the wonderful drawing which consists of complicated lines or colors and pattern – geometric or vegetable. Western carpets can look very different. Eastern carpets are more traditional, firmer and handmade of natural materials but they are quite expensive. Western rugs are cheaper and they are easily to take care of.

Choosing the size of the rug do not forget about the simple rules. The big carpet covering the floor of the whole room is possible but hidden under the furniture parts of the rug will break the drawing composition and become the places for keeping dust. So it is better to put the rug that we still have 30 cm of floor till the walls. If you intend to create the feeling of coziness place the small bright rugs about the whole room – they will become the attractive spots and cost cheaper. In the bedroom the ideal variant is the carpet in front of the bed. Carpet runner suits ideally for long narrow corridor. The rug is undoubtedly necessary thing in the bathroom but make sure that it has watertight base.

The rug is able to create the unique atmosphere in your house very refinedly and unobtrusively. It is pleasant for look and touch. Besides that the rug serves as a sign of your social status and unique taste.

Stop doors

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Summer, heat, draughts…

Banging doors in the house are in the order of things…or not? Of course not!

The considerable host will not tolerate the banging doors even if there is a draught in the house. His door will obligatory has the special article – the “stop door”.

The stoop doors are usually very small; they avoid the complete opening of doors that the door handle would not hit the wall making dents or protect other elements of furniture from scars and hits.

The stop doors fixes mainly on the floor or base by the instrument of small screw, and of course they can be set into the walls. It has sense for example when you cannot damage the floor, you have the floor with heating or laminate or parquet is laid.

However there is the possibility to glue the stop door to the wall is the alternative to the twisting of screws or the wedges for doors. But they are not quite expedient because the door can be damaged because of constant hits of it.

There are countless variants, colors, forms and materials of stop doors and limits that everyone could find and choose the appropriate one for his individual taste and common design of the placement.