Mon Amour collection furniture

Posted on 24th August by admin

Erich your cognition of modern design furniture with our fascinating stories about well-known world designers and their creations! Dear reader, today I’d like to present you refined furniture collections made by famous and worldwide known designers! Particularly, we will stimulate an interest in one of them! Exquisite furniture of the “Mon Amour” collection is designed by famous Italian designer Andrea de Benedetto within the policy concept DESART of the Polsit 1959 Company. The goal of the concept is the quest for harmonic balance between the uniqueness of designer’s projects and the models of mass line production. The name of the collection is translated from the French as “My love” and all the items in it are the incarnation of eternal feeling in its various appearances. The collection is presented in three series – the Mountain, the Charme and the Pop Funky. There are armchairs, small tables and sofas in each set. Despite the reputable presentable look of this upholstered furniture it will be possible to find a place even in romantic interior of small apartment. All elements of each set are decorated with hearts – universal symbols of love.

The Mountain set personifies deep and time-proved love. Natural nut wood, red color of hearts and the same color in upholstery reflect respectable traditional style and natural harmony. Elite designer’s furniture is perfect as classical cannons of interior design. The furniture of the Charme collection is made in dark color tints with an upholstery resembling ancient French textile. The blue hearts of the décor hint on restrained elegant and royally cold display of love.

The Pop Funky set personifies bright, bold and stirring love story. The contrast of white and saturated violet colors is utterly fresh and popular in modern interiors. The furniture from Andrea de Benedetto collection is unusual and perfect.

The graceful lines of upholstered furniture and original décor will make this collection absolute focal point in the most refined interior.

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