Sofa-screen “Behind the wall” Jordy Canudas

Posted on 14th August by admin

“Behind the wall” sofa-screen it is not only a modern, but utterly intriguing interior object. It performs the functions of screen and a sofa at the same time. The screen can be easily squeezed through from both sides. Famous Barcelonese designer – Jordy Canudas has created this wonderful sofa! The rest becomes really playful with this sofa-screen.

However it is not recommended to set this sofa in places where people are strained. It is better to place it in the room where office’s workers have rest as then they will be able to draw closer together and will become more united team.

This unusual upholstered furniture has aroused the storm of cheers among famous critics and ordinary consumers as well. As you’ve noticed already, the sofa is two-sided it means people can sit with back to each other.

Jordy Canudas was born in Barcelona in 1975. He had graduated the Royal College of art in 2007. At this time he is working in designer’s studio Okay Studio. Jordy Canudas fins his source of inspiration in motion and action that is why he actively works with elastic fabrics and straps which let him create “moving objects”.

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