Cortiça Chaise Lounge by Daniel Michalik

Posted on 29th July by admin

Cortiça is a full-size chaise lounge with a place for head, heels, and everything in between. Since it is made of cork, a renewable material, it’s lightweight, naturally waterproof (and buoyant), and impervious to rot and mold. Cortiça can be used indoors or outdoors. The balanced form, along with the pliability of the material allows the user to rock gently from side to side or on her back with a great degree of stability. The result is a sensation of floating, weightless yet totally supported With proper care, Cortiça will provide comfortable and attractive seating for a lifetime.

Cortiça is the current product of this research, and it is the flagship of my latest line of cork furniture. At over 72 inches long, it is a full-size chaise longue with a place for head, heels, and everything in between. The natural flexibility of cork allows it to form fantastic, complex shapes no other material can match. Because cork is 100% waterproof and impervious to rot and mold growth, this piece functions as well outdoors as it does in.

The designer’s work focuses on researching and expanding the uses of underutilized, unconventional material. Investigation of new materials can only lead to innovative methods of production and new ways of interacting with our environment. Her recent work taps the rich potential of cork, an engaging, environmentally responsible material which is completely sustainable, recyclable, and plentiful. With this new work the designer has tried to explore the deep potential of this wonderfully tactile material, making it do things that only it can do.


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