Space concept by Rene Siebum

Posted on 8th June by admin

Rene Siebum works to combine the way we experience the world around us with form, space and design. He attempts to bring out the emotion that design can evoke, and infuse it into refined materials. Siebum has an eye for maintaining function while exploring the edges of form, which helps him come up with unique designs like the Second Skin closet pictured above. It is both a closet and a living space, as well as an eye-catching piece of design. He bases this closest space on ancient Japanese architecture which is open and flexible, transforming a space based on its use and the mood of the participant. Based on the activity of the moment they could be transformed by using screens, curtains and furniture.

Second Skin was awarded the third prize in public vote during the Dutch Design Week. And the award is very well deserved, as this bookcase transforms into an intimate space for reading and working. For some people the study room is the second home, that is why the head. The idea of seclusion became the inspiration for a bookcase and a lamp, from which a separate space can be created from the objects itself for reading, writing and working. The aim of the space is to create an environment that embraces and allows us to focus and close off. Moving on, this bookcase is inspired by Juhani Pallasma and is made in wood washi parer and aluminum. Its ability to adapt and in providing you with a private environment in the cacophony of your daily environment sets it apart and makes it the winner.

Rene Siebum specializes in wood design in which the physical, sensorial or subconscious experience form the basis of the object or space. From within this material expertise he searches for a balanced total of concept, form and materials.

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