Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

Posted on 23rd May by admin

Exotic Cupboard Called Magistral Cabinet is another extravagant work by famous artist and designer-experimenter Sebastian Errazuriz. The surface of capacious vertical cabinet placed on itself more than 80 000 bamboo sticks which form looks like a pencil.

Chilean by its origin Sebastian Errazuriz lives and works in New York creating conceptual and original objects pretending on the dominant of any placement where they will be placed. Capacious cupboard hiding behind “the protective bristle” will be able to protect your things with unique style owing to its dynamic effect created with the numerous of “needles” which “animates” this functional furniture hiding its real destination.

Like all the inventions of author Magistral Cabinet is the handmade work. Twelve high-qualified carpenters worked at the creating of this piece furniture element during six weeks. Every bamboo stick was hammered in the hole in the wooden “body” made before.

As the result of laborious process they got the ideally balanced cabinet which niches and pull-out cases are invisible for eye when the construction is in close condition. The guest who does not let into the secret will feel quite difficult to guess the functioning mechanism of this surprising furniture which looks more like the conceptual art-object which is created not for the discourse about comfort of taking off dust or cleaning.

Nowadays Magistral Cabinet is the part of exposition of New York Cristina Grajales Gallery where the impressive construction can be seen and touched by everybody.

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