What to do with a long hallway?

Posted on 19th May by admin

It is surprising how many homes are exquisitely decorated with exceptional decor yet their hallways fall short. Why do hallways, especially long ones, seem to be such an afterthought or completely neglected? According to Taoist beliefs that are reflected in Feng Shui, chi (energy) travels through your home. However, if a long dark and dreary hallway is uninviting, it may not make the journey to enter into the other rooms of your home. Hallways need to be welcoming and as thoughtfully decorated as the rest of your house is.


If your hallway is closed off and dark, lighting is crucial. This doesn’t necessarily have to rely on overhead lighting either. A small decorative lamp on a table or shelf or a motion light is a wonderful addition as well.


To help positive energy flow down your hallway to the next room, mirrors or other reflective objects are essential. Not to mention, they make visitors feel a little more comfortable as they pass through as well.


A lovely leafy plant at the end of the hallway will draw energy in that direction. Just be sure to move it into the sun sometimes throughout the day as needed. Plants have a way of breathing new life into a room so use them wherever you can!


In a long narrow hallway, providing visual interest wherever possible helps give guests the sense that their journey is shorter than it actually is. Many homeowners focus on the walls as the main place to add color, pattern and artwork, but do not overlook your hallway’s floor. In particular, it is an ideal place to create visual interest without adding too much bulk to a long, narrow hallway.

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