Colorful furniture by Lubo Majer

Posted on 16th April by admin

Merry, colorful youth furniture called Iris by Slovakian designer Lubo Majer – this is three striped armchair and one soft and long sofa for living room, hall or reception in the office decorated in democratic style. Designer took inspiration from the rainbow to create Iris. The furniture not just replicates the rainbow colors but also the design. The multi-colored foams are attached together to form chair and broader sofa designs. The bright shades for Iris will help the home get a different feel altogether. Especially with the walls painted in white.

Probably the fans of uncommon interior in the apartment will not refuse from such positive ray of light. Turning Iris into the sofa it is pleasant to have rest on it in front of the TV-set and when the guests come one element of furniture will be quickly turned into three ones. As people say, one in three – and this is its’ power.

Here we should make it more exact that this sofa is not suitable for sleeping, – it will be hard, not comfortable and in general it is desirable to sleep on the bed. But in our case Iris is the “hard” sofa made of foamed material covered with the wool upholstery so it is comfortable to clean but not to sleep. Conventional upholstery method – osb+wooden frame with springs, cold foam with various density and woolen cover provide comfortable sitting also.

Lubo Majer works together with DIZAJNO – a group of people which sees ideas for what they truly are, take time to understand and perceive them with humor. Company’s designs are inspired by everyday life. Company’s products are designed with love and are full of fantasy. Their originality and honest workmanship bring pleasure and positive emotions to your home.

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