Job Cabinet by Studio Job for Lensvelt

Posted on 13th April by admin

For the first time at the Milan Design Week, Lensvelt, the Dutch brand for contract furniture, is pleased to announce the FuoriSalone event “Just solutions”.

The installation curated by Studio Job, presents the new “Job Office”, together with a selection of iconic pieces from Lensvelt collection, including the “Skull” by Atelier Van Lieshout and the “Krattenkast” by Mark van der Gronden.

Cabinets, lamps, tables and sittings perfect for home or office. Non-conventional solutions suitable for work, play, relax and creative spaces.

For the brand new collaboration with Lensvelt, Studio Job has developed “Job Office”: a concept solution for a new office furniture collection. The first piece, “Job Cabinet”, is ready to be unveiled in Milan.

The cabinet represents the perfect alchemy between the industrial product and the personal object: a standard metal cabinet, icon of mass production for office furniture, enhanced with a giant, polished bronze key!

From now on, you can keep your valuables in a “Job Cabinet”. To celebrate the debut of the new partnership between Lensvelt and Studio Job, “Job Cabinet” the first 35 pieces will be featured in a smart colorful edition with keys signed and numbered by Studio Job.

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