Coffee table + pouf by Naoto Fukusawa

Posted on 1st April by admin

Koishi is a universal element of furniture fulfilled in “dzen” aesthetic which is possible to use as a coffee table or pouf. Japanese designer Naoto Fukusawa worked out these colorful “stones” for Austrian company-producer Driade furniture.

The material of which coffee-table / pouf (114x90x38) is made is acceptable in several variants of colorful gamut, – is painted glass fiber. The cost of designer “pebbles” by famous worl producer is about 800 Euro.

It is difficult to imagine the modern interior inside which the streamlined form Koishi could not be integrated harmonically. You just need to determine with the suitable color. Elegant and meditative white for minimalist living room and conceptual bedroom or active and dynamic red for funny children room or bright hall? Or maybe stylish and democratic blue or warm orange for student room? And placing several colorful poufs around the white table it is possible to create the real “garden of stones”.

Of course the table of Koshi will be more decorative-conceptual because it will be possible to put or place some thing only on the central part or its round surface. But how pleasant is to look at this harmonic but a little unsteady and therefore philosophy composition… At the same time it is also pleasant to sit of the pouf Koshi feeling calm and peacefully given with the round smooth form looking unsteady only for the first look.

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