Bookstand by Corentin Dombrecht

Posted on 10th March by admin

Cats love libraries; these are silent places, books have a tendency to keep the warmth, and mice love paper… so, we’ve found cats hanging around in libraries for centuries.

This element of furniture is for those at whose homes books and cats live. Unique bookstand Cat Library is worked out by Belgium design studio Corentin Dombrecht for forming comfortable and creative furnishing the way to call genuine interest of absolutely all habitants of the house.

The charming construction is assembled of modules therefore while its forming the variants of different height and width are possible. The modules are not painted, not oiled, which after observation seems to seduce cats more. Paint has a tendency to make “the stairs” slippery for cat paws. The shelf exists with two kinds of cat-baskets, one called hi-top (for bigger cats) and another one called lo-top (for smaller cats). You may also choose to hide the stairway for bigger storage. The stairway becomes like a secret-passage for your cat. He can then spy on you, hidden behind your books.

Owing to the neutral design Cat Library is easily integrated into the most of interior orientations and functional placements. Modern and classic furniture will not “resist” such innovation which is quite capacious to place the big collection of books and is quite witty to gladden their owners and their home pets every day. Without any harm for books and magazines, beyond the limits of this original bookstand your cats can gambol and have rest getting the additional abilities for making activity and choosing their place at home.

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