Players Lounge seating by The Mighty Bearcats

Posted on 5th March by admin

This Lounge seating is designed by The Mighty Bearcats. This player lounge is based on the creator experience when they were in for the NeoCon show, in 2010, they got a chance to visited experimental and independent designers’ exhibition of innovative designs which has this seating.

The design of this players lounge seating is so innovative and creative. And it is so very good in look and suits the lounge environment very well. Along with that the design also ensures good functionality of the chairs.

The design group named The Mighty Bearcats is the creator of this design is absolutely fantastic for adoption by institutions which requires lounge for its customers or visitors. This can be used in multiple set ups and can suit a wide range of organizations and interior decorations.

Players Lounge seating is playfully designed objects for the home by Steve Haulenbeek, Jason Chernak and Bryan Metzdorf (The Mighty Bearcats). The trio of twentysomethings met as students at the School of the Art Institute. Responding to the school’s push for collaboration between students and finding they shared a similar attitude toward design, Metzdorf, Haulenbeek and Chernak decided to form a collective. “We do take design very seriously and think it can change the way people think about life in general, but we also see people who we think are taking it too seriously,” Chernak says. “It doesn’t have to be about who’s got the glossiest, prettiest, most expensive couch, table, whatever. It can just be fun.”

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