Hillside – fireplace, coffee table and armchair

Posted on 1st March by admin

During the last but so freeze February evenings as never before you would like to sit in the comfortable chair in front of the fireplace wrapping yourself in rug. The British company-producer Flying Cavalries offers to feel warmth and soul comfort using for this new folding model Hillside joining fireplace, comfortable ergonomic sitting, coffee table and stylish modern design.

This flexible creative idea will make your life more pleasant and will help to economize the space. In the folded condition Hillside is possible to use as a simple and stylish coffee table at which it is pleasant to drink a couple of cups of strong hot tea with friends and in unfolded condition its compact parts will form the cozy place for rest, reading and even meditation…

The source of inspiration for the authors of the fireplace became picturesque hill slopes on one of which the owner of Hillside is offered to feel far from stresses of everyday life enjoying comfort, watching at the dancing fire and beauty of warm natural materials: natural stone, oak and glass.

Like all the fireplaces working with bio-ethanol Hillside is ecological, simple and safe in usage and can be placed at any corner of house or apartment not requiring special conditions and limits.

Flying Cavalries put the experience and unceasing enthusiasm of its command into the new projects of designing and producing unique pieces of furniture and fireplaces. Their main aim has always been to create extraordinary items and they embrace and use cutting edge technologies in their design process.

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