Ransa by Younes Duret Design

Posted on 27th February by admin

“Levitating” minimalist sofa called Ransa is like intended to remind that reading good book with a cup of tea or aromatic coffee can “rise” us above the bustle of everyday matters and problems…

Uncommon sofa worked out by French- Moroccan studio of design Younes Duret Design is like soar in the air above the capacious base for keeping books. Comfortable form and size of sofa allows its owner feeling at his place sitting or lying “touch” the world of literature in straight or figurative sense of this word. The reliable unnoticeable support will not let the person “fall from sky to the ground”.

This witty symbiosis of French refinement and elements of Moroccan culture joined sofa without legs with soft pillows, book shelves and coffee table changing their places unconstrainedly.

Sofa which had to lie on the floor with eastern way but instead of this “came off from reality” will become the real godsend for lovers of rest with book or magazine in their hands in the end of long working day. Making yourself comfortable on Ransa it is possible to get your own space for some time.

This elegant and eclectic model which color gamut of soft part and pillows is variative will be suitable both for minimalist interiors and for modern interpretations of Marrakech style.

Younes Design is a research and consultancy creative studio in Marrakech. Their business includes product design, digital and graphics design, environmental design (architecture and interior design, space communications, stenography). For any private or professional needs, Younes Duret and his team will provide solutions through their innovative ideas and their technical put into practice.

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