VERY BIG bookstand

Posted on 18th February by admin

In the National museum of Singapore the exhibition called “Imprints: Designing for memories” is taking place during which the designers of studio with long and hard-to-pronounce name Kittichai Reawsanguanwong (Naa) presented their really original project of bookstand “VERY BIG”.

Bookstand or exactly the couple of bookstands of black and white colors are made the way that they can not only keep books, magazines, CDs, statuettes and other small things on their shelves but also play the role of boards for specific game – Chinese chess. Very big chess, but the name of the project says about this.

The figures are big powerful magnets to hold the chess pieces. They can be moved about the “field” vertically and horizontally and offer a unique way to constantly change the visual display of books and whatever else you usually put on a bookshelf. Somebody will hardly play chess with them but they really can be used in interior as the décor.

This way the designers created practical and original element of furniture for intellectuals who do not need to learn Chinese and play chess. The East theme is still in fashion as itself.

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