Trend and tendencies in furniture design for 2011

Posted on 1st February by admin

Bringing some extraordinary furniture to your home does mean that it will distinguish your home from others, but sometimes simple and strict lines will make far better effect on your family and guests than any flamboyant furniture. However, modern designers do not always restrict their imagination to standard forms! Glamour and vibrant colors are the main heroes of this year! Do not be afraid to bring to your home the furniture that will reflect your personal feelings and attitude towards the world; our world is full of colors, so use them! Feel yourself like a tiger in jungle, sitting on your favorite unusual and colorful coach or lying on your soft and comfortable bed.

So, as you may have guessed minimalism is not inspired at all and please do not think that vivid colors are only for kids’ bedroom… no! Use the colors appropriately and you will get adorable effect.

One more trend that received much acclaim this year – producing furniture without causing harm to our nature, will surely be a long term trend; it appeared as a result of global warming and other environment problems. Many designers have decided to create as they call it “environmentally friendly furniture”.  We should take care of our nature and appreciate what we have now. So, let’s do it not only in science but also in furniture!

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