Chaise Longue № 4 by Tom Raffield

Posted on 3rd January by admin

Creating this untraditional armchair-chaise longue called Chaise Longue № 4 British designer Tom Raffield put on the first line the amenability of wood and figurativeness of shape braiding the refined and ergonomic construction by the way of graceful connecting of curves.

Wood is a wonderful material which gives away to influence of many technological processes and can be used in wide specter of architectural-designer decisions. Firmness, elasticity, beauty and naturalness are incontestable advantages of wood which moreover can be recycled.

The Chaise Longue is as much a piece of art as it is a functional seat. It becomes a true showpiece in any environment, which demonstrates how wood can be used to make such complex yet beautiful 3D forms.

The way of producing Chaise Longue № 4 is the handicraft by the way of forming under the treatment of steam – ecologically clean process with low power consumption and minimal wastage. The designer could also avoid using of harmful glues and reach the qualities which guarantee the durableness of exploitation.

This “musical” model combines in itself the functionality, comfort and real art pretending to refined dominant of furnishing of any placement, thin “musical accord” emphasized by designer in the play of your interior.

Uncommon and comfortable armchair-chaise longue will also be the source of pleasant associations.

Tom Raffield creates some of the most spectacular ecologically sound, innovative furniture and products which are based on beauty and integrity.

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