Étagère Bird Perch for children room

Posted on 23rd December by admin

Even if you do not have at home a parrot, canaries or other feathered pets – it’s not bad. You always have a possibility to buy the chirping pet or even though the creative house for it. And use this house for your own needs. For example, to keep there your keys or notebook with a pen, gloves or comb, souvenirs or beauty treatment, – in general all small things which are usually kept in the stands or dressers. This is all about creative stand Bird Perch Storage.

This uncommon article is projected by the company Notus Design and presented as a miniature cupboard. Though per se Bird perch Storage can be a wonderful étagère for children room, – it looks very toy, even “cartoon”. The adult would be hardly tempted with the bright starling-houses which look like they were made by schoolboys on the handicraft lesson but this is exactly the special charm of Bird Perch Storage.

Children can keep in these cupboards small toys and table games, things for drawing and modeling, pictures, CDs, books, writing materials. Girls can put inside it needlework and accessories, perfumery and mirror.

By the way, besides the big étagère looking like the starling-house company Notus Design produces its small table variant, for writing materials and other small things.

Notus Design Industrial Ltda started their activities in May 2007 at the Pre-Incubator of the Design School at the University of the State of Minas Gerais. Since then they have focused on Product Design and have always looking to developing innovative projects in order to obtain positive outcomes in both national and international design events.

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