Globe Bench by HStudio

Posted on 20th December by admin

Richness gives the freedom, – freedom of choice. Not money but you yourself decide which furniture to buy to your home, by what to go to work, which clothes to purchase and with which accessories to decorate yourself and your dwelling. Of course all the purchases should fit their owner. For example, to glamour and brilliant people who prefer surrounding themselves with the same brilliant articles, the designers Dana Solomon and Sherry Joniff Solomon offer sofa-bench of the special model called Globe Bench.

This elegant and stylish example of designer art is made of qualitative white leather and decorated with silver inserts and crystals Swarovski. It seems that the honest to sit on such furniture should be given only to the personalities of royal blood.

A very original design concept, the “bench” has a round shape enabling a very comfortable seating place. The best thing of  this creation is its design versatility or the fact that it can be custom made for each user. These being said, you can choose from a variety of upholstery fabrics and acrylic, wood, or steel legs. With its bold and unusual shape, don’t be surprised the Globe Bench will in a short time become the focus point of any living-room.

Sofa-bench Globe Bench was made with order for 22 BOND ST and exists in only specimen. Such furniture would look wonderful not so much in the interior of modern apartment as in the hall of refined hotel, in theatre or opera or in boudoir of well-off lady in some modern cottage. One cannot deny living beautiful…

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