Office chair GymyGym

Posted on 6th December by admin

The word combination “sitting work” is considered to be a synonym of life with few physical loads. This harms the human’s health much. Office chair GymyGym will allow you going for sports without being distracted from work or other important things which you do during the working day.

Most office employees all over the world do not mind going to the gym regularly. Moreover that they healthy life style is very fashionable now. Many employees often talk about their plans to do sports and are even going to buy the subscription to the gym but… something always prevents them.

With GymyGym chair people with sitting work will not be able to avoid regular physical exercises. This chair is gym apparatus itself which can replace several classic apparatus from the gym. Created by the engineer Adam Ben-David the office chair allow doing 16 different exercises for developing almost all groups of muscles of human body. Besides that its back is created the way that the spine of the person sitting on this chair is always in correct position.

So office workers can go in for sports not getting up from their working place using every free minute. When the physical condition of the person improves its psychological condition improves also and the self-appraisal and capacity for work increases. In general, GymyGym chair is very useful thing in the office. The chair costs not cheap – $600. But after purchasing it you will be able to economize money on buying subscription to the gym.

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