Home aquariums

Posted on 27th November by admin

Recently the designers consider the aquariums as full-fledged component of home interiors. Besides the fact that aquarium is original way of spending free time, pleasant hobby it also becomes the decoration of modern placements – both apartment, office or trade center.

The home aquarium can be of various forms any of which has its merits and demerits.

Floor aquarium is most wide-spread because of relative simplicity of construction and convenience of caring. It includes vessel of transparent material for water, stand and cover-lighting.

Built-in aquarium can be the part of niche or partition between rooms therefore it is not deep but can have an impressive length. Such object looks neatly from both placements and often fulfills the function of night-lamp.

Aquarium-diorama is a kind of aquarium which forward wall is arched with small radius of curvature. As a result the viewer has a feeling of “deepening” into underwater world – good visual effect.

Hanging aquarium allows economizing place but is limited with its mass and sizes. Its variety is aquarium-“picture” which is very popular recently.

Aquarium-pool is not so effective and mobile. But you can build a fountain in it.

Aquarium should blend harmonically with the interior of placement. The variety of forms of aquariums – glass cases, columns, corner, and etageres – gives the wide designer possibilities. Different models intended for classic and minimalist interiors, for living room, children room or office.

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