Shared Space by Chris Kabel

Posted on 26th November by admin

The Holland designer Chris Kabel presented the circular bench called Shared Space which was made of entire ten-meter wooden beam. This simple but innovative invention is intended to create atmosphere where “the outward world disappeared for some time”.

First the wooden beam was divided into numerous trapeziform parts and then assembled but in the form of ring with diameter about three meters which kept the persistent draw of wood. The parts of circular bench are fixed with metal plank.

According to the author’s opinion the circular shape is very ergonomic and suitable for most public spaces. Outward of the circle you can keep anonymity. Sitting with your back to the center of the circle you can reed books, communicate, watch at the people or just think about something.

When you got inside the circle you become the part of atmosphere created with people already sitting there. The designer compares this process with any other joint process.

The wood of which the bench is made is from Canada where it lied in the river during the year to be cleaned from wooden acids. After that the beam was taken to the Netherlands where it dried for two more years. According to the author’s words, this wood will become even better in time therefore the time of its serving gladdens.

The first experimental specimen of circular bench was placed in public space of Witte de With Center for Contemporary Art in Rotterdam.

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