Beach furniture Little.Tack

Posted on 16th November by admin

Business before pleasure. After working good it is necessary to have good rest. For example on the beach. For the best rest it is possible to take with you the modular beach furniture Little.Tack which have much in common with construction set LEGO and furniture by IKEA.

The designers of company StudioM30 created quite uncommon kind of beach furniture where they combined best ideas of goods produced by corporations LEGO and IKEA.

Of course, Little.Tack is modular furniture. Its base is a platform which consists of fixed between each other cubes size of 60×60 cm. In each of these cubes there are nine hollows. In them it is necessary to insert elements of furniture (chairs, poufs, tables, benches, umbrellas and other necessary elements).

Little.Tack is assembled of different parts and you can construct different variants of furniture sets necessary in one or other case, depending on where you go to have rest, how many people you are going to take and what to do there.

Beach furniture Little.Tack will be liked by both private persons and administrations of the city. The first ones will take it to the nature (beach, country house, forest) for comfortable rest. The second ones will be able to put this modular furniture on the streets of the cities at the weekend, during the festivals or during mass events. Maybe it is not cheaper than the stationary places for rest but more comfortable and practical.

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