Lost in Sofa by Japanese designers

Posted on 8th November by admin

One often loose things in the soft furniture. How many times each of us found between pillows of sofa or chinks of armchair different trifles: money, toothpicks, or even books? The armchair Lost in Sofa by Japan studio Daisuke Motogi Architecture was specially created for keeping different things in its chinks.

To appreciate all advantages of armchair Lost in Sofa by Japan studio Daisuke Motogi Architecture it is necessary to be easily carried away person. And it is not important what you are carried away with. The fact of being carried away is enough for becoming intimate with this soft furniture.

The upholstery of this uncommon armchair consists of numerous of cubes which border tightly to each other. Here this is a whole sense of Lost in Sofa! Everything can be placed in the chinks between these cubes not being afraid that it will be lost there. The lovers of good literature can put there books, lovers of good coffee or tea – the cup with hot aromatic drink. Armchair Lost in Sofa by studio Daisuke Motogi Architecture can serve as a stand for control panel of TV-set, mobile phone, rose from your beloved person, audio-player and even internet plane-table iPad.

In general, how it was mentioned above it is not important what you like or what you enjoy. It is important that in armchair Lost in Sofa you will find the free place for this!

Daisuke Motogi graduated from Musashino Art University in 2004 and until 2010 worked for Shemata Architecture Office. This year works by Daisuke Motogi Architecture were presented at DesignTide Tokyo 2010.

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