Transparent freedom

Posted on 30th October by admin

Transparent walls, mobile partitions, furniture and accessories create the feeling of lightness, space and freedom.

The wall of transparent glass-blocks is a wonderful decision for small placements. Glass blocks visually enlarge and move aside the borders of space filling the room with soft light. In the narrow corridor or in the kitchen it is breathed freer owing to such wall. In the big rooms colorful transparent or dead glass-blocks can play the opposite role – to divide the space. It is especially comfortable if hall and living room are united. Small decorative “windows” of blocks suits wonderfully for putting accents, for example marking the working place.

Owing to the numerous variety of glass the accessories of this material supplement the interior of any style. Several absolutely different by form and color glass vases will become the dominant element of inner décor.

In producing of furniture glass is one of the most popular materials. Glass elements often presence in the dining, coffee and serving tables, sliding-doors wardrobes, shelves for books. The glass-cases would turn to common cupboard or sideboard without glass. The advantage of these elements is that they look great both in small and big placements. Besides that the glass furniture is not so fragile. For example the table-tops are resistant against hits.

Interesting interior idea – the wood table with glass table-top divided into sections can become the wonderful scene for any your collection which will appear in the most favorable light.

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