Rubik’s lamp

Posted on 25th October by admin

Perhaps such toy was in every family, somebody even kept it till the present days. Rubik cube is the favorite toy of million of people became the symbol of unique style which is possible to get to know everywhere. Fascinating Rubik’s lamp returns to the 80s with various combinations of lights. Can you assemble the Rubik’s cube?

Invented in 1974 by the Hungarian sculpture Erne Rubik this complicate conundrum inspire with the geometrical simplicity and brightness. What the designers can think out: pictures of Rubik cube, letter-generator – Rubik cube and many other.

The Rubik’s lamp was worked out by Eric Paulz, modeled as a real “magic cube” made of 26 small connected cubes. Cubes can be changed between each other. Creating 43 various color combinations they begin to cast the pleasant colorful glares to the walls of the room. Colored patterns and chaotic, kaleidoscopic lighting can be created by not leaving the main rows parallel to each other.

The model of white color looks like the Rubik cube made of ice, its details can also move. Simple and light forms for adherents of minimalism and the mysteriousness of light call the association with spiritual sessions.

This lamp sure would bring a little cheer to a kids room or game room where it’s original design can be appreciated. The real decoration of any living room or bedroom is a colorful lighting which can be assembled like Rubik cube by colors. The lighting sides of this lamp create celebration mood and the white variant gives the romantic tone.

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