Twofaced sofa by Ditte Maigaard

Posted on 5th October by admin

It is impossible to sit on two chairs at the same time, but on two sofas – with no trouble at all. Especially for this Dutch designer Ditte Maigaard worked out new sofa Split Personality.

In the base of design is the idea that the opposites supplement each other and give the furniture a wide range of applications. This idea is expressed in the upholstery: it is monotonous grey in front and the back side consists of contrast colorful stripes – like it was created by two different people. The order of stripes can be “disposed” according to your taste, character and mood.

The shape and the textile expression have been created in unison, and it is exactly in the meeting of the textile and the shape of the furniture where the Split Personality really comes into character.

The designer advises to place the sofa Split Personality in the center of the room that it is possible to go around it and look from all sides.

Ditte Maigaard is a conceptual designer with a passion for surfaces and story telling. She works in the crossfield between graphic design, textiles and furniture design and utilize her knowledge of materials, construction, texture and story telling to make innovative design solutions that explore tradition taken to the edge.

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