Rugs and carpets – walking on the cloud

Posted on 30th September by admin

Every thing in house besides fulfilling its immediate functions should play the role of decorative elements. That concerns the carpets and rugs most of all. Smooth or with downy piles, bright or colored in light shades the rug will create coziness in every house and become its best decoration.

Dividing rugs by the origin and traditions of production we have Eastern and Western carpets. Eastern ones are traditionally weaved by hand and the Western ones are usually produced with the machine way. If the Eastern carpets are made exceptionally of wool, silk and sometimes cotton then the materials for Western rugs can be any. Eastern rugs distinguish with the wonderful drawing which consists of complicated lines or colors and pattern – geometric or vegetable. Western carpets can look very different. Eastern carpets are more traditional, firmer and handmade of natural materials but they are quite expensive. Western rugs are cheaper and they are easily to take care of.

Choosing the size of the rug do not forget about the simple rules. The big carpet covering the floor of the whole room is possible but hidden under the furniture parts of the rug will break the drawing composition and become the places for keeping dust. So it is better to put the rug that we still have 30 cm of floor till the walls. If you intend to create the feeling of coziness place the small bright rugs about the whole room – they will become the attractive spots and cost cheaper. In the bedroom the ideal variant is the carpet in front of the bed. Carpet runner suits ideally for long narrow corridor. The rug is undoubtedly necessary thing in the bathroom but make sure that it has watertight base.

The rug is able to create the unique atmosphere in your house very refinedly and unobtrusively. It is pleasant for look and touch. Besides that the rug serves as a sign of your social status and unique taste.

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