Padded stools

Posted on 22nd September by admin

It is quite easy to choose the good padded stool. But only in the case when you understand why you need it. Exactly the purpose of the padded stool dictates the material and form of the model.

Padded stool for sitting has the same height as armchair and the bigger area. Some models can be as long as a bench. Giant padded stool for several persons are bought not only for home but also for waiting zones in the offices and fitting room in the shop.

Padded stools further to the sofas or armchairs are not suitable for sitting because of their small height. The smallest models serve exceptionally as the stand for legs. Another widespread variant is the “duet” with bed (such models are called banquettes or recamue). One more variant is the padded stool in the set with low table when it is moved under it. The untraditional pairs are also possible, for example padded stool plus screen for change of clothes.

There is a separate category of padded stools which can be transformed into something more. Ones can turn into the bed, others – into the full-fledged armchair. Under the soft covering of padded stool there is a space for vacuum cleaner of exercise bicycle, for example. Original decision for public places – padded stool + lamp and padded stool.

Padded stools can be not only soft but also absolutely hard. In this case the padded stool can serve as a coffee table of the analogical form and size. This way the padded stools differ only with the role they play in interior: on the first one the legs are put, on the second – magazines, news papers, cup of coffee.

The materials of “soft” padded stools are the same as for sofas: textile, leather and foamed polyurethane. Hard padded stools are often made of rattan, wood, or bark of cork tree. As a result of such experiments with materials the real art-objects are born. One such padded stool is enough to revive interior, bring atmosphere, mood and intrigue.

Padded stool is a full-fledged representative of class of soft furniture. The designer padded stool is more decorative (and more affordable) element of furniture than armchair or sofa. It can revive or even radically change the existing interior. It is just necessary to find “your own” form of padded stool.

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