Designers’ furniture masterpieces in white color

Posted on 16th September by admin

The famous British designer Lee Broom plans to demonstrate his new collection of furniture at the London festival of design which will take place in the British capital in September this year. The project which is called “Architrave” was made by order of famous British brand Heal’s. For its creation the author was inspired with the ancient architraves – lower parts of ionic and Corinth entablature which rest upon the capitals of columns and divided into three parts. Wall and coffee tables, sideboards, chests, lamps and shelves were included in the collection. The distinctive feature of the presented models is that they have the uncommon relief profile at the front side. According to the words of the author the main idea of this project was to join old and new, heritage of ancestors and modern technologies. As the result the uncommon collection of stylish, aesthetical and beautiful furniture appeared.

The Dutch design-studio Jules & Jeremy is always faithful to their principles of combining the simplicity and functionality for creating real masterpieces which fix the eyes. Through the use of structure and contrast, they create artistic yet simple pieces that feel timeless. Recently the studio presented its new collection of uncommon sideboards which got the name “Design Cupboard 001”. All models are made of fibrolite, covered with glossy paint and decorated with small aluminum elements. The sideboards from series “Design Cupboard 001” are affordable in various colors and variants of decoration. It is necessary to notice that inner and outward decoration can be changed according to the requirements of the customer. Stylish, aesthetical and creative – such sideboard will become a wonderful supplement of interior in modern style.

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