Bed Col-Letto by Lago company

Posted on 11th September by admin

When one says that there is no place like home sometimes means that it is impossible to sleep so sweet and comfortable anywhere except his own bed. Our health, our mood and our capacity for work depends on how well we sleep. Three components which supplement each other create the comfort of your bed – these are mattress cover, mattress and base for mattress. Everything looks very simple and only designers can create more and more new ideas to make our sleeping place more and more perfect.

The world designers already created the great collection of uncommon beds and project Col-Letto by Lago company is one more article to this range.

The design of this bed looks like a nest owing to the textile “collar” which surrounds it. This envelope creates the feeling of comfort and protection and besides this can serve as an improvised barrier intended to protect sleeping people against draughts ad noise.

Turning up and down this “collar” it is possible to make yourself very comfortable on the bed to doze, read and just lie with notebook or with the beloved man with your arms round each other in an embrace. Besides this the protective “barrier” will be most welcome to the parents whose babies are afraid to stay alone at night and sometimes sleep near father and mother.

If there are animals at home, especially cats, such “collar” will become a barrier against unexpected intrusion from them. Well at least they will have to make efforts to overcome this barrier on their way to the pillow.

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