The designer table lamps

Posted on 4th September by admin

On the passed recently international designer exhibition Design Miami/Basel – 2010 studio Kranen/Gille (Hesden, Netherlands) demonstrated its new project. The collection of table lamps which got the name “Tesla” looks stylish and interesting. The models are founded of bronze and the distinctive feature of their design is the big crack which lays on the whole surface of body through which the light leaks. For working out the conception of this lamp the designers were inspired with the matters of influence of industrial revolution on design and form and also with processes of industrialization which brought their new special aesthetic to traditional and useful arts. According to the idea of authors the most of things which surround us are produced with industrial methods and keep the principles of producing process. The designers from company Kranen/Gille decided to join the habitual forms with the elements of decorative and applied arts. As a result the lamps impregnated through with the spirit of industrialization and outwardly looking like reactors which give light and warmness at the same time appeared.

Swedish designer Jesper Jonsson is sure that the creative uncommon interior is possible to make only with the beautiful unique elements of decoration. He always tries to avoid standard decisions and it was reflected in his new original project. The model which corresponds the small lighting on sun batteries got the name “Soul Cell”. Owing to its compact size this funny uncommon lamp can be easily put into the pocket. As it was already noticed the sun energy serves as the power supply for it. This way if you put it under the sun during the day the lighting will charge with energy and in the evening you can unfold it and use as a small but comfortable lantern. Besides this the model looks interesting and creative. Simple form, laconic design and practicality will make useful and ecological lighting “Soul Cell” to be the real godsend for those who like original and functional decisions.

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