Transforming coffee tables – comfortable and fashionable

Posted on 31st August by admin

The secret of extraordinary popularity of multifunctional articles of domestic utilities bases on the three whales: winning of area of living space, fantasy and nonstandard approach and also the banal economy – furniture “two in one” costs cheaper than if you buy any element separately.

New project which the North-American company “Objeti” offers is also multipurpose and oriented for hospitable owners of small-sized apartments. By its sense the model “Aerialist” corresponds coffee table however when it is necessary and according to the wish of the hosts it can instantly become larger and increase the amount of sitting places in the living room. With the light moving of hand the elegant table is folded out and turned into quite comfortable bench with soft pillows. This element of furniture combining the roles of table and additional sitting places will blend wonderfully with almost any modern interior owing to its simplicity and laconism of appearance and also hits the spot with its practicality and functionality to the hospitable owners of small placements.

Another interesting project-transformer also intended for having guests belongs to Tom Rossau and is called “TT01 Convertible Table”. This stylish and practical model easily turns from the small coffee-table into the full-fledged dining table where 8-10 people can make themselves comfortable. It is notable that the material for “TT01 Convertible Table” is bamboo and in producing the natural decoration is used. The table will blend wonderfully into almost any modern interior and come to the hosts’ help if they will have to make the big celebration in the small apartment.

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