Stop doors

Posted on 18th August by admin

Summer, heat, draughts…

Banging doors in the house are in the order of things…or not? Of course not!

The considerable host will not tolerate the banging doors even if there is a draught in the house. His door will obligatory has the special article – the “stop door”.

The stoop doors are usually very small; they avoid the complete opening of doors that the door handle would not hit the wall making dents or protect other elements of furniture from scars and hits.

The stop doors fixes mainly on the floor or base by the instrument of small screw, and of course they can be set into the walls. It has sense for example when you cannot damage the floor, you have the floor with heating or laminate or parquet is laid.

However there is the possibility to glue the stop door to the wall is the alternative to the twisting of screws or the wedges for doors. But they are not quite expedient because the door can be damaged because of constant hits of it.

There are countless variants, colors, forms and materials of stop doors and limits that everyone could find and choose the appropriate one for his individual taste and common design of the placement.

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