Project Obsession Series by designer Kwangho Lee

Posted on 16th August by admin

One of the trends which is fashionable today is a knitted hand-made and correspond not only creative decorations and accessories like ties, bags and underwear. The designers already showed us other elements of “needlework” like knitted bench, knitted lamp, knitted padded stool and other knitted furniture. Designer Kwangho Lee supplemented this list with his collection Obsession Series.

This series of home furniture looks like ramen. Just remember how the briquette of instant noodles looks when you take it from the packet – small “ringlets” laying one near other and crunching when you press it. But the springs of which the furniture Obsession Series is made will not crunch when you make yourself comfortable in one of these armchairs.

The furniture is made by hand owing to the skills of knitting which the designer has since childhood: he was fond of knitting macrame and now could use this knowledge to create uncommon armchairs, padded stools and shelves. By the way some objects look like the metal ones braided of chains but this is just illusion. Really the author used soft knitted cord with the core of wire.

Initially the author used thin plastic pipes bought in one building shop but after the attempts to produce furniture of them and awful pain in fingers and back he refused from this idea to the material which he uses now. It is more pleasant to the touch and it is easier to work with it.
By the way, Kwangho Lee plans producing a set of furniture which will be made of furniture and it is promised to be the real fun.

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