Sliding-door wardrobe

Posted on 12th August by admin

Sliding-door wardrobe today is not a tendency of fashion but likely a new word in constant fight for square meters of dwelling. If architectural imperfections of your apartment or house are evident and it is necessary to hide a lot of things, only sliding-door wardrobe will save you.

The sliding doors do not require the additional space for opening. Such wardrobe is modeled and produced individually so it is possible to place it anywhere: both in the labyrinth of corridor, and in the narrowness of office, and in the niche.

The sliding-door wardrobe is not made to be entire. In stead of back wall, side panels, bottom or top the walls, floor and ceiling of the room is used. Doors in such wardrobes are made not only of smooth finishing plate but also of panels, glass, mirrors and can be solid or combined. The material of doors depends on where you place the sliding-door wardrobe and what you are going to keep in it. For example the mirror doors are appropriate for narrow dark placement – they will visually make it wider. The glass doors are more suitable for the library. The open shelves for video and audio equipment or computer can be necessary in living room. The complex decision of interior can look like the wardrobe which passes smoothly to the bed then to the desk and then to the bookstand where one of sliding doors serves as a room divider.

The inner configuration of sliding-door wardrobes is a field for your fantasy. You can settle the traditional shelves and cases of wood chipboard (simple or sliding). The honeycomb elements can be interesting: any baskets and shelves made of steel with vinyl covering. In other part of wardrobe the hanging for clothes, place for ironing-board, niche for vacuum cleaner and many other sections can be planned.

If you projected your sliding-door wardrobe correctly, you will be surprised yourself how it will ennoble your interior and how you could live without such element of furniture before!

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